About Tiba Farms

Fresh, Healthy & Traceable

Tiba Farms is a professional company specialized in growing high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. It was incorporated in 1983 as a sister company of Nile Agro Industries company. The total investment of the group is more than 30 million USD. Tiba Farms is considered as one of the most important land reclamation developer in the field of agriculture in Egypt. We grow more than 40 fresh fruits and vegetables varieties.

Tiba Farms has a unique location which exceeds the area of 1000 acres reclaimed lands on Cairo/Alexandria desert road directly (Nubaria City). This along with our expertise and technical capabilities allow us to become pioneers of agriculture field in Egypt.

In the same time, all our fresh fruits and vegetables are packed in BRC packinghouses with strict individual standards for food safety management that emphasizes on freshness of raw materials. Together with having criteria for packaging, we reach the quality that satisfies both us and our customers.

The perfect traceability systems are in use, to make it possible to map the entire production, ranging from planting and harvest to packing. We have the ability to know the cultivation history from our packed products.

Delivery of high quality reliable fresh fruits and vegetables to our consumers is our core objective. Accordingly quality assurance is an integral part of our process where we have implemented Global GAP standards at our own farms.

Tiba Farms applies high hygienic standards starting from cutting the fruits up to packaging and warehousing. We apply the highest technology to store our products in suitable environment that keeps it always fresh, healthy and traceable.

Tiba Farms has high qualified team of sales and technicians – over 100 professionals-, who have long outstanding experience, which have brought us to a very competitive position in the international markets.


To be the number one brand of choice for our consumers and talent, delivering superior quality products that will impact the well being of the community.


To elevate peoples’ lives via providing nourishing quality products from a sustainable environment.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to both our community and work environment plays a fundamental role in our operations at Tiba Farms:

  1. Building Schools
  2. Contributing to Medical Health
  3. Offering Job Opportunities


Reduce Carbon Footprint
Energy Saving
Effluent Treatment Plant

Land Reclamation

God has bestowed on Egypt felicity of the Nile water running through its territory, and carrying, over the years, alluvial materials that formed the Nile Valley and Delta, followed by the northern Coast and Western Desert.

These lands have a deep profile and a homogenous texture, therefore Tiba Farms decided to allocate the greatest share of land reclamation in Delta, North Coast and Western Desert regions and reached about +1000 acres.

In the 1980s, successful attempts at land reclamation were made by Tiba Farms Co. to cover wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberry, grape, apricot, plum, pomegranate, dates, cauliflower, wheat, corn, potato and olive and much more.